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Query: What does Jevon Kearse add that Hugh Douglas didn't?


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Is Jevon Kearse for Hugh Douglas essentially an even swap? If so, with an aging Brian Dawkins and the advent of the Brown - Sheppard era of Philly CBs (and/or loss of Taylor and Vincent), is the Eagle defense actually less better off now than it was say two years ago? Does the loss of Carlos Emmons weaken them even further?

If that's the case, is the only "real" addition to the Eagles Terrell Owens? If someone has a CB that can contain TO, how much have the Eagles improved on offense (and as a team), especially considering that they lost Correll Buckhalter for the season and that Duce Staley is gone via free agency? Will L.J. Smith be good enough to pick up some of the slack?


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Originally posted by JoeSkins

They've got both Kearse and Douglas now anyway, so when Douglas gets back in shape it means trouble for passing offenses against Philly.

I didn't know Douglas was out of shape.

I think he is just old and lost his edge. Not too terribly concerned with him.

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the Eagles didn't think Douglas at 32 deserved the kind of contract dollars the Jags threw at him. And in retrospect they were right, at least for what Hugh put out for JAX in 2003.

Kearse was signed at DE without any expectation that Douglas would be returning to the fold. Whiting was hurt and Kalu was not a front line player, but a capable guy in rotation.

So, Kearse was not a one for one swap for Douglas, at least not directly. Although Hugh's return now gives Philly two for one.

They didn't pay Douglas the hugh bonus yet they now have back a very motivated football player.

IMO, Douglas was along with Strahan the best DE in the NFC from '99-02. He excelled vs. the pass and the run and was a team leader.

I wish the Skins would have stepped in there and brought him here for 2004.

Douglas' ties to Philly, though, were undeniable.

The tough one to figure was Bryan Robinson. Miami?

Yeah, you get the chance to play opposite Jason Taylor, but at 30-31, Robinson is not going to get a $12 million bonus next year like Ogunleye at 27 was able to grab from Chicago.

Miami is going to be a poor club in 2004 and Wannstedt figures to be a lame duck coach.

Robinson could have been on a much better overall club in Washington and a defense where he would have seen significant action.

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