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You might be from Seattle if you . . .


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1. Feel guilty throwing an aluminum can in the trash.

2. Use the words "sun breaks" and know what it means.

3. Know more than 10 words to describe a cup of coffee.

4. Obey all traffic laws except "keep right unless passing."

5. Never go camping without waterproof matches and ponchos.

6. Feel overdressed wearing a suit to a nice restaurant.

7. Hear the word "ferry" and think of boats--and long waits.

8. Know more people who own boats than own air conditioners.

9. Stand on a deserted street corner in the rain waiting for the light to change.

10. Know at least eight people who work for either Microsoft or Boeing.

11. Are amazed by an accurate weather forecast.

12. Consider if it doesn't have snow on it or has not recently erupted, regardless of altitude, it is a "hill," not a "mountain".

13. Only honk your car horn if a collision is imminent.

14. Invite twice as many people as you really want to a party since only half will actually show up.

15. Consider etiquette a foreign word.

16. B!tch about Californians as you sell your house to one for twice what you paid for it.

17. Know what lutefiske is.

18. Consider floating bridges a pain in the ass, not an engineering marvel.

19. Find a wallet with $500 in it, and give it all back to the owner.

20. Know the difference between Chinook, Coho, and sockeye salmon.

21. Know how to pronounce "Sequim," "Puyallup," and "Issaquah."

22. Used to live somewhere else, but don't admit it in public.

23. Consider swimming an indoor sport.

24. Can tell the difference between Japanese, Chinese, and Thai food.

25. Are currently working as a computer consultant in Portland.

26. In winter, go to work in the dark and go home in the dark, but only have an eight-hour day.

My own additions: ;)

27. Do not know what rain delay or rain out in baseball is! :whoknows:

28. When you mention "the football team in the area" you think College Football and not the NFL. :D

29. You pull for the Mariners in baseball because you want to support the local team but your favorite NFL Team is the Raiders, 49ers, Rams or Broncos. :insane:

30. You think the Mariners will walk all over the Yankees in the Playoff because they had a winning record against them during the regular season. :laugh:

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