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Severe Weather in DC area

Johnny Punani2

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I live in Stokesdale NC...called my wife from work (I was about 45 min away) to tell her a tornado was on the ground, and could hear the wind in the background. She got in a closet, and then I lost the connection. Took me several hours to contact her....scary stuff. Our kids were in the duck and cover for hours at school today.

Luckily, it wiped out some power lines and a couple mobile homes, and that was it. But scary stuff. My storm insurance just went up. NC apparently is now part of Tornado Alley. One hit just north of us (in Stoneville NC) a few years ago and took some lives. You guys north of VA keep an eye on the remnants of Ivan. He still has some kick in him.

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Originally posted by Dan T.

Awesome pic, Johnny. Could you see the rotation?

This has been one of the wildest weather days around here in a long time.

For sure!!

You could see a rain core around the funnel cloud and it was spinning pretty quickly.

My digital camera has a video feature on it and I which I did that instead of taking pics.

Here is another pic where a tornado might have dropped down for a sec or two...


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Damn we have some other members in Stafford I used to mow grass all around that nieghborhood thats right behind the CVS on 610?

I actually was reading this board earlier and my girl was nagging at me to leave but I wanted to finish reading it took a couple more minutes. Soon has we head out I see a funnel cloud then another within a 1/4 mile. She says stop being parnoid you'll scare the kids. Then I see it off to my right on the ground and then she was panicking. We turned to go the way the storm came and it had trees all in the road just ripped **** up. We tried to go a different way and it was closed has well for down trees. Today was a wild day seeing a tornado live. If I would'nt have been pressed on reading extremeskins its a good chance we woulda been in the path. I heard it threw trees across 3 lanes of interstate 95 I believe from the same twister I saw. A girl said it touched down right behind her car on 95 and was distraught on the radio.

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