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Well, well, well.

Let's not let it ever be said that I'm not willing to stand by my word. I thought I threw a pretty reasonable compromise bet on the table - but where did you go?

The Bucs pirate ship continues to take on water in a bad way and the 27th ranked Jets don't look all that much like the 27th ranked team.

What's the line at now?

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You'd have thought I'm now picking the Bucs as my NFC favorite. Let's be clear: 8-8 is NOT a good record. It's worse than the linesmakers predict and it does not represent a good team. And to the extent it's relevant to the intitial article, it's consistent with the overall message of the author -- to take the win with a grain of salt, as all teams that are 1-0 should.


No one ever said 8-8 is a good record. But it's improvement over a 7-9 season, which is all I ever predicted for the Bucs. I never said how much improvement, mind you - only that I expected improvement and was willing to call out someone who made it clear that the author was "not far off" in her assessment of the Bucs as one of the worst teams in the league. You even went as far as to hammer that point home with the fact the fact that they lost "multiple pro bowl players."

However, you felt very strongly on this issue. So strongly that you explained in depth why you're so certain that TB will improve over last year. It later becomes clear that you meant this - BUT not so much. A mere 1 game better is as far as your limb extends off the tree. And how stubby that branch looks when I call to attention that it doesn't even reach the Vegas over/under.


I'd rather only extend the branch a little than jump off the tree altogether which is what everyone who reads this thread knows you did.

I was quite clear on where I thought the Bucs should be this year considering the changes they made. Everyone seemed to understand where I was coming from, except you. You make it seem as if I waivered in my opinion of the Bucs. Not true. And everyone who read this thread was clear on what you were saying/implying before you backtracked.

Now, you're not only making yourself look like a clown by insulting my intelligence as to what you really meant, but you're screwing up basic facts - like the terms of a bet.

I'm not going to rehash this entire thread but in a nutshell:

I was kind enough to amend the original bet (after you claimed ignorance) and make 8 wins a push since you bit(hed and moaned about Vegas this and Vegas that. Do you realize the degree to which that alters the bet? My limb isn't a "mere 1 game better" because I need 9 to win - that's 2 wins better jackass. That means that they need to go 9-6 for the balance of the season. This is after you felt the author was only a "bit harsh" in her critique of the Bucs - calling them among the worst in the league.

So I gave and gave and gave, but you were just too damn greedy and it may have cost you a few bucks. Maybe the Bucs will suck this year. And if you actually believed enough in your original conviction to back it up, you might have something to show for it. Instead, you just reinforced my original belief in you: that you're nothing but a blowhard.:jerk:

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Originally posted by Blondie

And since this came from the Fort Worth paper, what exactly did you expect?

This is a mellow piece that says nothing. Nothing new anyway.

Lord, you should have to live here.

Y'all would never make it.


Your right, I wouldn't. Nothing personal but I wouldn't live there. I could never live there, I lived in Oklahoma for 3 years and that was just as bad. I couldnt wait to get out.

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Dirk, you've certainly grown pretty sensitive about this issue. Maybe it's yesterday's tough Skins loss, which is understandable. Perhaps it's the Bucs 2nd defeat, that made your support of the team look off-base and my criticism of them even more on point. Or it's possible it's the Jets 2-0 start after power ranking them #27. I can't be quite sure.

But whatever the reason, you've turned to personal attacks. You tried valiently to hold me to my initial post in this thead, despite my making my position clear several times thereafter and offering to back that position with a wager. You didn't want to hear it.

Time to move off this topic and onto friendlier ground. I'll roll up my sleeves and debate anyone here looking to step up, but I'm not looking for enemies. Just talking ball on a good board.


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