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Simulating Skins/Bucs on Xbox


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Didn't know if anyone else has done this, but I am letting the game play out (as is, no changes to the lineups or coaching, etc). I just bought ESPN 2K5 (I know....a lot of people are Madden lovers) and this is what I am using for the simulation.

End of 1st Quarter (10 minute quarters - I find that this is close to real for video games).

Washington 14

Tampa Bay 3

Brunell 7-10, 87 yds, 2 td

B. Johnson 7-14, 85 yds, 1 int

Portis 5-15, 1rec-6yds

Gardner 3-52 td

Coles 3-29 td

Mccardell 4-71 (too bad they won't have him ;) )

Jermaine Haley - sack

S. Taylor - Int on first defensive play

I'll post again at the half

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I played that game earlier this week, and the outcome went to the Bucs, 14-10.

The problem was, the offense called 3 running plays the ENTIRE game. I think the Madden folks still think this is Spurrier here. That said, Brunell had 3 picks, 2 in the red zone. Killed me! I lost a lot of money...I'm just kidding, that would be pathetic. :laugh:

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Well, with Brad Johnson absolutely on fire, the Bucs passed us and led 21-14, but Sean Taylor just picked off his 2nd pass and returned it 50 yds for a touchdown tying the game at 21-21.

Brunell cooled off considerably from the 1st quarter and Portis has been stuffed.

Brunell 8-14, 90 yds, 2 tds, 0 int

B. Johnson 17-29, 253 yds, 3 tds, 3 int (that's a whole game right there)

Portis 8-15

Garner 8-18

Gardner 3-52 td

Coles 3-29 td

Mccardell 7-121

D. moore 3-35 td

Galloway 4-55 td

M. Clayton 2-40

Haley - 2 sacks

C. Griffin - sack

A. Mcfarland 2 sacks

S. taylor - 5 tackles, 2 int

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