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Tom(GiantsFan), that numeric calculations should be turned over to someone


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From the numbers you added and the activities over the last three days, the succession shows an attempt each day to board flights or either they have been intercepted. Don't worry if the proper authorities can't use it or not, let them decide that, not any naysayers on this board.

Remember, you also showed one for Friday, 9-14 and 9-15 Saturday. Better safe instead of sorry.

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My friend sent me the email I posted here. I knew if I posted it here, someone would knock the he11 out of it. She not only sent the email to me, but a lot of our mutual friends. Some of those whom would panic. I got exactly what I needed from you guys and that is things to cut and paste into an email and send it to all of those she sent the email too. You guys tore her email apart and that is what I needed. I'm not into that kind of stuff but the people on this board are very smart and I knew someone or more than one would be able to knock it down. I thank you.

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