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McAuliffe's DNC Desperation.......


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I heard an interesting blurb during a news break of local sports radio here in Central Va.

They had a comment from McAuliffe recorded in which he says Bush lied about his National Guard service so we must all wonder what he's lying about to the American people on issues of domestic and foreign policy.

Then.. immediately following that.. he says that if the memos in question turn out to be fraudulent... he summizes they were probably planted by the Republican party.

Talk about wanting it both ways... :doh: The quicker that moron retires from the DNC leadership the quicker some sort of validity returns to the DNC party as a whole. Here's a guy who made $18million on the cooked books of Global Crossing scandal yet has the nerve to speak up about Enron and Halliburton? Wow!!

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Originally posted by Kilmer17

Where's the "vomit" emoticon.

How does that guy have a job? Seriously. Since the 98 mid campaigns, his leadership has been nothing short of aweful. He CONSTANTLY get's outmaneuvered and outspun by the GOP.

Yeah he's horrible, even I admit that.

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Where's the document that shows Kerry entering in the Naval RESERVE so he could dodge service in Vietnam. Where's the memos where he asked not to be called up. Where's his protest of being called up.

Oh, that's right. He won't release his records.

As opposed to W.

Think what you will but nobody has any clue about this man. His record is replete with doublespeak, obfuscation, coverup and CYA.

Twenty years in the Congress. What exactly has he done?

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I watched the Mcauliff(sp) speach and i personally find it horrible.

Has Gillespie said Kerry was a liar? if so, then what good for the goose?

As far as i've heard though the white house has always said that Kerry did his duty and his duty was better than Bush's?

Edit: Thank goodness i'm not in a battleground state....

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Yes... it's apparently "in bounds" to call the POTUS a liar, as McAuliffe does. It's also "out of bounds" to question Kerry's military service... eventhough he's made it the cornerstone of his campaign and the people questioining his service are people who served alongside him during his military service.

I know....let me help you with that... huh????? WTF????? Aaahh.. found it right here on the inside cover of the DNC pamphlet.. "Objective: Win at all cost....use any method possible"

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