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Will McCardell get traded before week one?


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Right now McCardell is sitting on the bench with a hold out, and Chucky had no problem sitting their best WR, like he did with Keyshawn.

McCardell is drawling interest from KC B-More and the Bears, but with not a lot of time left before the play us, can they get a guy before then?

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I dunno man....you see what they did with Me-Shawn last year.

They've taken the appropriate steps to address his absence with their signings (ie: Tim Brown).

I would not be at all suprised if Tampa Bay wins this stare down. What a shame though....someone as talented as McCardell wasting away a year (which has to be one of his late "prime" years) in a holdout. I can understand where he is coming from - wanting to secure as much money for the future as possible at the end of his career, however, it is still just a shame man...

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