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Gibbs and my son


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I have been a Redskin fan for about 40 years. I have an 11 year old son who is now, of course, a Redskin fan as well. I used to tell him how poor his timing was in arriving for the Norv/Spurrier years and having missed out on the great Gibbs years. In his own child like way he expressed regret in never having seen a Gibbs coached team.

Well what do you know!. Come Sunday, that which we thought we would never see again will be seen by all. Gibbs on the sidelines. And I get tp watch this unfold with my son by my side.

Over the years I would tell my son so many Gibbs stories I must have raised his status to heroic proportions. When we watched the Hall of Fame game together and he got to see Gibbs on the sideline, albeit for just a preseason game, I sensed a slight degree of disappointment. I think my son expected Gibbs to come fly out in his cape like Superman. I think he expected to see a Bill Cowher type ranting and raving on the sidelines. Instead he saw a calm. thoughtful man in control of his emotions.

This entire experience has led to many fine father/son moments. You don't have to throw your visor or grimace madly to be a good coach. My son is beginning to realize that with all the rough and tough the game calls for that there is a cerebral element as well. He is slowly but surely going to come to learn that Gibbs is cerebral. He will learn that preparing your team and making adjustments is more important than outward displays of emotion. He's a kid..but he'll get it.

Gibbs/Skins/Son..it doesn't get any better than that.

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yeh, same here, im barely 20, so I really dont remember much of Gibbs's first tenure here. I know my dad prolly made me watch more, but the first football game I can remember is super bowl 26. Now I hopefully get to witness another era of history happening, and all that my dad would talk about all this time about the old redskins.

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Back in the old old days I remember Gibbs on the show Glenn Brenner hosted. It surpised me that he was always modest, kind of contained on those shows. But he always showed that focus as he always broke down some play on that show with great articulation. It was the same thing he did on NBC after he retired where he would break down plays while Ditka would sit there getting stewed about some thing or the other.

I believe its that balanced, rational personality Gibbs posseses that allows the attention to detail and the full weeks meticulous planning and the clear thinking in the midst of a chaotic pressure-filled game. The results are unmistakeable, and that is what the younger fans will most likely notice first :)

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