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I don't think I've ever broken news before, but maybe this time I have....


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Didn't see it anywhere, and I'm probably just terribly late on this one, but FYI, we got the #1 Fox announcing team for our game this week. Buck, Aikman, and Collinsworth doing the Bucs-Skins game. Stockton and Moose will be in Philly-- Cowboys got Maas.

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Yeah, it's nice that we have the "#1" team. But they suck. I hate Aikman, he could have Sumerall's voice and I'd still hate him. Collinsworth is a whiny little annoyance. I do like Joe Buck, but the other 2 kill it for me.

So which is worse - this team, or Moose, or Maas? You're screwed either way.

Is Kenny Albert on Fox?

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Originally posted by Tommy-the-Greek

Oldschool, Your sig pick is one of the best I have ever seen on here. I am going to use that as my desktop. Thanks;)

Happy to be of help! :cheers:

I am going to have to go to the sport's bar to watch and it will be so loud it really doesn't matter who does the games.:doh:

same here but the bar that I go to has the #1 game of the weekend on its speakers so it overpowers the crowd noise.

Again I hate the sound of Aikman’s voice! :mad:

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Originally posted by Jimbo

Cowboys get Maas. How deserving! :laugh:

Congrats on "breaking" the story. I broke wind once. :fart:

LMAOOTF!!!!!! (I love fart jokes.)

I actually don't like Aikman or Moose doing our games, although I think they are pros and cool guys. It just feels "jinxy." They've had the opportunity to sit up in the booth and laugh at us for too long now. I hope we stomp Tampa and they are forced to applaud us repeatedly.

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