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Knockout pools...

Dirk Diggler

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Nah, complete opposite. You pick one team to win each week. No spread. Just pick the winner of any game.

But once you use a team once you can't use them again. It's also called a "Survivor" or "Suicide" pool.

It's a lot more difficult than it sounds too. Once you use up the real good teams (if you are luck enough to get that far without an upset), you're down to a game like Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh in Week 8 or some coin flip game.

The one I'm in right now has 500 heads. It's winner take all. 25 large bananas to the lucky sonofa**** who pulls it off.

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Well, this is the same concept as the Losers Pool I am in. We pick one team each week to lose. You can't pick that team back to back weeks and you can only pick that same team twice each season. If the team you pick to lose actually WINS, you are out and your $$ goes into the pot. The last one to survive wins the pot. Usually goes for $10 an entry and about 30 people so pot is around $300.

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