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Inactives for week one


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We have been so focused on the 53 man roster, we largely forget that 8 of these guys are inactive every week. That means that if you're a 3rd stringer you generally aren't going to be active. We debate endlessly about the last few roster spots and the reality it that if the season progesses well we shouldn't see most of those last guys on the roster ever be active.

Truth be told, a guy like Mark Wilson the draftee olineman hopefully won't see the active roster all year. Not because he's not a good player or I don't like him, but because if he's active that means guys higher on the depth chart have gotten hurt or have played really badly.

Take a try and pick what 8 you'd leave off the active roster for week one - it has to come from this list (depth chart based on Redskins.com):

Hasselback - 3rd qb

Kozlowski - (listed as 1st hb - I believe it's actually Cooley then Sellers)

Wilson - 10th olineman

Haley or Warner or Evans - 8th dlineman

Campbell or Stevenson - 7th lb

Jacobs or McCants - 5th wr

Clark - 5th safety

Barrow - hurt

There are a lot of guys that HAVE to be inactive that a lot of us love.

As the season progresses it gets easier because guys get nicked up and need a week off allowing the last guys to move up. List your inactives ---

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Good point. I think I'd prefer Royal inactive over Kos although they are not truly the same position so perhaps it can't happen. I'd think if Barrow is inactive they'd have to keep Campbell active to back up Pierce. Stevenson might need a week since he was just signed anyway. Probably would have to go with Evans on the DL being the least experienced and because DT Noble's knee might act up.

I'd hate to see either McCants or Jacobs inactive. Maybe Rock could be inactive for this game since he still may be recovering from injury. Morton could be 3rd RB.

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Royal made the team IMO because Fred Baxter suffered the knee injury. I don't know how much confidence the staff has in him.

One point to remember is that Kozlowski is valuable because he can play both H-Back and traditional TE, which means another H-Back or TE can be left inactive.

I agree that Rock is another bet to make the inactive list on a regular basis.

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so, does the staff sit one of our capable wide receivers to keep Rock on the wedge on special teams? :)

at some point we are going to have to see what Taylor Jacobs and Darnerian McCants can do for us as Gardner might not be here in 2005.

I think McCants is capable of a breakthrough of sorts in 2004 under Gibbs.

I also think Gardner would not be a continuining point of discussion for the trade rumor mill if there wasn't some feeling in the organization that we have some other capable receivers.

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