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Little Redskins tidbit, rumor.....


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The league is asking the White House whether it should play the games. I've heard the White House will say yes, but ask for some of the games on the East Coast to be played Monday night, including the Redskin game. I've heard some say three games could be played on Monday night. No idea how solid this is, but, there it is.

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As long as we can play next week it ok for now.

The last thing we need is to not play in the upcoming weeks.

The US just like a RB in Football got hit in the gut this week but just like the running back we have to get up shake it off and keep going to let those b@stards we aren't hurt and we are going to take their best shot and deliver some of our own


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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