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Most Completions by QB/WR duo (since 1991)


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Most Completions by QB/WR duo (since 1991)

QB/WR Comp. Yds TD

P. Manning/M. Harrison 621 8,331 68

T. Aikman/M. Irvin 580 8,844 43

S. Young/J. Rice 569 8,022 73

M. Brunell/J. Smith 567 7,865 44

M. Brunell/K. McCardell 453 5,745 26

Source: STATS Inc.


I feel really really comfortable with brunell starting by looking at this. If you put smith and mccardell's stats together they equal 1020 comp., 13610 yards and 70 td's.

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Holy that's alot of friggin receptions Batman!

Seriously, i thought Brunell-McCardell was on there, but I had no idea Smith was on there as well, let alone in the top FIVE!?!?!?!?!



I am a homer at heart, but I am still a Ramsey fan. However, as much as I haven't overly praised the Brunell signing or dissed it, I always hear from my fellow Skins fans down here that it was a bad signing. I really would love to see these guys eat some Crow.

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