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I need help building a computer (Computer Wiz's help me out)


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Whats up? Down in Baton Rouge now loving it, have been for a few weeks now..went to the game last night, had a great time..can hardly talk now. Anyway, I've been getting by using a pretty old lap top the past few weeks but I need to buy a new computer, preferably a desktop because I doubt I could find a good lap top for 1,000 bucks. 1,000 bucks is my budget, Im looking at Dell.com, are there any other good buys out there? I have been tryin to build a good computer but can't seem to keep it under a 1,000. I want a CD burner, good video card..well good enough so I can play some games on it if need be, a DVD player, a program that I can use to burn cd's, pretty good memory, and speakers with a subwoofer. Oh and possibly a flat screen but I doub't I'd be able to fit that in. Im not looking for an 8400, preferaly a 4600? What is the difference? Do I really need such a powerful computer? If anyone could help me out, it would be much appreciated. Again it doesn't have to be Dell, I just need a reliable good computer that has good technical support in case something goes wrong with it while im in college.

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Finance it and get a good one. It will be worth it. A good computer payed out over time will be more expensive but you can get a killer system for a relatively cheap monthly payment. Plus you can pay the loan off any time you want with no penalty. I financed my laptop from dell and paid it off quick and the process was painless.

A system that I am drooling over is the hewlett packard m1050y. Its a media center pc with all the fixings and a removable storage thing that would be perfect for all my music.

The good thing about sticking to your budget is that you can always upgrade parts. Good luck.http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/computer_series.do?series_name=m1050y_series&catLevel=2&category=desktops/media_center&storeName=computer_store

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If you're building, just don't chince out-

All of the above sites are great for getting parts.

Maybe try getting a motherboard that can be upgraded rather easily. Like one that has up to 1.5 gigs of Ram or somehting, but only buy 512- make sure it can handle 3.2 ghz processor, and get an Athlon that can be upgraded cheap in a few years- try a refurbished monitor, LCDs still kick major ass for gaming as long as they are big, get a soundcard, video card and the other bells and whistles later.

You won't find anything that is worth it in the long run for $1000 unless you cut some corners and plan on investing down the road...

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