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(merged) taylor injury?


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Originally posted by Samuels60

Wishfull thinking there RW, I bet you were praying that the badest safety in the league was hurt......your not so lucky

Why would I want Roy Williams hurt?

BTW, I don't wish injury on anyone, accuse me all you want, makes you seem childish.

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Originally posted by Redsk58417

Are you talking about the very same Roy Williams that got PimP Slapped on national tv and in front of his woman? Riiiiight!:laugh:


The same Roy Williams that came back on the next Titan drive and summarily collared Tyrone Calico so hard that he sprained both knees, had to have surgery, and will now miss 3 weeks.

I never want injuries, but Roy Will always seems to cause them.

Go figure.;)

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