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Tony Banks..sink or swim?


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until the staff decides to #1 - to establish a credible ground attack with Stephen Davis and #2 - gameplan around the strengths of Banks as the quarterback, I don't think you will see rapid improvement.

The Skins want to run a possession, precise pass offense. They don't have the personnel for that system on the roster.

Banks is a deep thrower by nature and Westbrook is not a possession receiver. Nor does he run precise routes.

There is no excuse for Alexander who is just dropping the football each week. Ditto for Kevin Lockett who has also dropped some balls. Ditto for Donnell Bennett who has completely disappeared from the offense despite the fact the fullback in this system is supposed to be more than a 1 catch every two weeks contributor.

They won't have the personnel to run the exact offense they want until next season. So the question is, do they compromise SOMEWHAT to try and win some extra games now or do they stick to their guns and see who is going to step up and play within their system?

To win tonight they are going to have to test the Dallas corners deep and establish the run against a small front seven for the Cowboys.

If the Redskins try to outquick them on the edge with the run and the short pass they are not going to be successful.

Dallas is very young on defense and though raw has some guys who can really run.

So, to me this is an opportunity to establish Davis. To establish Westbrook deep and establish Gardner across the middle and in the short game.

Alexander will face a tougher matchup because the Dallas safeties and Dexter Coakley are fast enough to cover the TE.

Right now a win is a win. This team needs a win desperately.

The other thing is a little less conservative approach with some calculated risk-taking would be refreshing.

The team has absolutely nothing to lose by going all out to win.

In Dallas territory, let's go for it on 4th and 1. Let's challenge the Cowboys deep off play action. Let's not settle for a field goal attempt after a turnover by the defense.

And on defense we need to see more pressure on the quarterback. Bring the corner if necessary. But get to Wright and hit him and knock him down.

The Cowboys linemen are big but except for Allen slow. Arrington should have an advantage on the pass rush from the end spot on third downs.

Let's hope Kurt finally starts to squeeze some clutch plays out of the defense.

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The biggest difference between these two teams right now is heart, I honestly believe that we have more talant overall but Dallas has been playing with a lot of emotion and seem to believe they can, with some effort win. Except for a few certain players, and at times last week against the Giants, we look beat as soon as stepping on the field. Especially offensivly. It just seems like a total lack of confidence in them selves, the system and the coaches. Dallas, though bad, gives it an effort.cross.gif Hope I am wrong tonight and someone on offense gets going early and drags the rest up with him. HTTR

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