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Preseason game #4


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Well, it sort of worked last week. Most of our wants were answered. So, I figure let's throw it up in the air again.

What are you hoping to see in the fourth preseason game?

Consistency? I want to see the running game continue to look strong and players to gain more and more confidence and look like they are having fun and believe in themselves. A further reduction in penalties and mental gaffes. An exclamation point to the quarterback question, so that we can really begin prepping for the Bucs. The backups and diamonds in the rough to really shine?


I want this game to be about Ramsey and I want him to look like he has his confidence back and that he is or soon will be the man. I want a conservative, boring game, with no penalties, and no injuries. I want the defence to continue to smother opponents. I want agression to the ball carrier and continued pressure on the QB. I want to know that we can look good against a team not missing half its players. Last week proved little. This is the week to make a statement.

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1. Sean Taylor- How will he do against the pass-happy, limp-wristed sissy offense of Mike Martz?

2. Marcus Washington- watch what he does in pass-coverage, we know he can blitz.

3. Redskins DL vs. Rams OL- Can we dominate such a sissy group, if we can't...T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

4. Redskins running game- will we continue to improve after last week's stong showing?

5. Patrick Ramsey- How will he answer to the stellar play of Brunell?

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Agree Burgold,

I would love to see the o-line continue to meld together and continue to push people off the line.

If Ramsey doesnt shine tonight he will be number two, but I hope he shines and has some faith in this system. If not we may struggle if Brunell goes down during the regular season.

Taylor like Williams said needs to get burned, everything is looking to easy to him, but that is preseason for ya. No doubt he will get burned during the regular season when teams plan for him.

Remember turf makes everyones faster and Taylor's coming and hell's coming with him.

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