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NFL Pondering Anaheim Franchise


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Sorry if this was already posted

NFL Expresses Interest in Anaheim Franchise

Wed Aug 25, 8:51 PM ET

ANAHEIM, Calif. - The NFL has approached Anaheim city officials about possibly building a stadium complex for an NFL franchise that could begin play as soon as 2008.

The area has been without an NFL team since the Rams moved from Anaheim to St. Louis and the Raiders went from Los Angeles to Oakland before the 1995 season.

"We're evaluating a possible stadium project in Anaheim with city officials along with the three sites in the Los Angeles area," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said late Wednesday by telephone from New York. "The discussions are exploratory and preliminary at this point."

Aiello referred to the Los Angeles Coliseum, where the Raiders played before returning to Oakland; the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, and a proposed site in Carson.

"We're working off a time line that would have us make a decision next May," Aiello said. "As far as when a team could start playing there, it could be '08, it could be '09. We haven't addressed the issue of a team in the Los Angeles area.

"Our sole purpose at this time is to develop some stadium alternatives for the league. This is part of our due diligence in terms of identifying outstanding potential stadium sites in the best markets."

The proposed site in Anaheim is located next to Angel Stadium, where the Rams played. Anaheim Arena, where the NHL's Mighty Ducks of Anaheim play, is also located nearby.

"There is significant interest from the Anaheim City Council and City management in bringing additional professional sports franchises to the city of Anaheim," Mayor Curt Pringle said. "The success and popularity of our teams — the Anaheim Angels (news) and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim — prove that fans from all over California travel to Anaheim to watch quality franchises and having an NFL team return to our city would be a welcome addition."

John Nicoletti, Anaheim's public information manager, said NFL officials have made several visits to the Anaheim and the prospective site.

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ok, Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego, how many teams does that state really need? I think an a state where there is no team should get one, though I guess they need to have fan support as well as a large population. Plus, won't they have to make another team somewhere to keep the balance?

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OK fellas, I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, but here's the skinny:

Mr S. - There are only 3 countries on Earth that have a larger economy than California by itself. It's a large, and highly populated state. It makes a lot more sense to put a team in Los Angeles than any other state without a team. LA and Orange County have a population of around 13 Million and growing. New York and Florida are THE ONLY states with populations bigger than the LA/OC area.

w33dh0l3 - An expansion team is out. The NFL will move another existing team.

gridironmike - There is still talk of the Chargers, but in my opinion, it would be a huge mistake to move them to LA because of the hordes of (division rival) Raider fans. Anaheim could work, but it'd be a pretty big risk.

Colts are a good possibility and my choice, but who knows? Either way I think they'll have to change the name and look of the team (a la the Titans and Ravens) in order for it to catch on.

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