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USA vs Spain BBall update


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Apparently people just saw the scores and didn't watch the games. THese guys were giving effort since the PR game.

The funny thing? The only guy they claim to like, Duncan, was the one who didn't show on the screens that freed Liths 3 pt shooters. If he does, maybe the US wins that game too.

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Originally posted by keith

Who the hell does this guy think he is?

Isnt time outs part of the game?

Freaking retard just cant handle the lose like a man.

Iverson is so overrated. Ive always said i would pick Marbury over Iverson anyday and this is another reason why. Marbury is just how can i put this, better.

If it wasn't for Iverson, this team wouldn't even be where they are. Marbury has been awful until this game. His terrible shooting was one of the many reasons USA lost to Lithuania. I would still take Iverson over Marbury.

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It's what I been sayin, steveskins and only a braindead person would suggest the opposite.

I've yet to even hear a black American on the net or anywhere else claim to root for the team playing the US. PERIOD.

I agree with what I've read so far of the article.

Steve, you should make that separate post. It might get lost in this thread.

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