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Originally posted by xe101

do you think the Skins' pre-season is going well? Do you think that the pre-season is too long?


After last game, I would say the pieces are falling into place. Normally, the preseason is too long, but I think the Skins will benefit having 5 games due to new coaching staff and players. As long as no one else gets injured, we are definitly going in the right direction.

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I think the O-Line and D-Line are coming together. The DB's look great, esp. when you figre 1/2 of the coverage was replaced and a new system came in. Our WR and QB play is coming along and the Running games looked vintage Gibbs last week.

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I also think the Rams game will be the measuring stick as far as how well the team is adjusting to Gibbs. If we improve from last week and show the same intensity on defense, then we're coming along just fine. IF we regress to the way we played with Carolina, then we're in deep sh#t.

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We can't do anything about injuries so even though we don't want them I won't evaluate that part. As far as who's on the field, I look at what the first team is doing, so:

Brunell is showing he's not too old.

The o-line isn't allowing sacks.

Portis is starting to rumble.

The d-line is GETTING sacks.

Sean Taylor is a freaking superhero.

Marcus Washington is becoming Lavar Arrington. (Hope Lavar does that someday.)

Chris Cooley is WAY further along than I expected him to be.

Joe Gibbs is coaching this year.

The last sentence was all that was necessary, but I just wanted to point out the positives. (NOT the norm for this eternal pessimist, so we must be having a real good preseason.)

PAISH. :peace1:

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OK, who voted no? :(

I don't see a lot of stupid penalties but I do see a lot of vanilla, except maybe on defense last week. I'm not worried at all. I totally expected a slower start by the offense and it still may take 5 games into the regular season before things begin to click. That doesn't mean we'll lose the first five, it just means things may look a little rough at first. If we could manage to go 3-2 in our first five games, I'd consider us to be right where we want to be (as long as we don't get blown out).

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