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who was the best....

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Safety is hands down Kenny Houston. Other than maybe Ronnie Lott, he was the best safety ever, and I believe still holds the record for most career ints run back for a touchdown. No room for debate on this one!!!!

It's tough comparing QBs from different eras. I guess it would have to come down to either Sonny J. or Baugh.

Wilbur Marshall might be the greatest LB to play for the Skins, but he was only here a few years (he started out w/ Chicago and was an integral part of their SB team). Chris Hanburger went to 9 pro-bowls (I think), so he had the best overall career here.

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Originally posted by fuji869

QB - Sammy Baugh (my father thinks so becuase he played both offense and defense)

LB - Sam Huff or Monte Coleman

S - Pat Fisher (the guy was small but played with a lot of heart)

Huff was a beast in his day, but his best games were played as a Giant.

Fischer had the heart of a lion, but he was a CB, NOT a safety.

You could also put down Baugh as our best punter ever. :)

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Interesting factoid about Fischer.

Before Art Monk held the record for most consecutive games with a reception, it was held by Harold Carmichael, a 6'8" Eagle. The CB at both ends of the streak (the last CB to shut him down before the streak, and the one who ended his streak, was Pat Fischer. Ah, for the old days when a CB could cream a WR at any point before the ball went in the air...

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