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What's our Game Plan to beat Dallas?

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Simple enough. Just make sure this post doesn't fall into the wrong hands. smile.gif

Offense: HOLD ON TO THE G-DAMN BALL!! We took our selves out of scoring position and moment changing opportunities last week when we coughed the ball up. I thought with Coach Marty we weren't supposed to see the same mistakes twice? Let's hope so.

SP Teams: I still can't believe Conway nailed those FGs. He needs to have another good performance. Let's hope we get him close enough to make good on all attempts.

Defense: Stop, Kill, Destroy Emmit Smith. He IS the Cowboys. You cut off the head and you know the rest... Lavar needs to lay another Acheman-esque hit on ol'Emmit.

I don't know if I can take another loss to the Cowgirls.

What do you think?

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Just make sure everyone is wearing the right colored jersey.

Oh yeah, and the right number too. Very important.

Besides that, it will be just like any other practice. Alot of standing around and coaches deciding who should do what. smile.gif


"He has a confidence born of demonstrated ability."

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Run Steven Davis right at them 40 times. The Cowboys didn't do very much to improve their D-line, even after giving up three 200-yard rushers last year.

Get an early lead so we can take the crowd out of the game & force Wright to throw. That's the easiest way to stop Emmitt.

Keep a watchful eye on Galloway, especially when he's on Smoot. They may try to go deep on him.

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I don't know what our gameplan WILL be, but it should be:

- A healthy dose of Stephen Davis on offense ... even if he doesn't get much yardage in the first half or so. He has ALWAYS gotten stronger in the 2nd half after 10 or 15 touches. After pounding the ball some passing lanes should open up.

- A defense committed to stopping Emmitt. Dallas hasn't the top-notch TE to go to, so Shade might be able to cheat a little now and then. If Emmitt has a big day we will not win. We have to hold him under 75 yards. Make Wright beat us with their WRs against our CBs. Shouldn't happen.

- No Cowboy scores directly attributed or set up by special teams.

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We can beat the Cowboys this week by simply dedicating our game plan to the running game on offense. If our defense was allowed to stay somewhat fresh and play, oh, say, only 30 minutes in a game, we might discover it's a pretty good defense smile.gif. If Davis gets 25 carries or more and as a team we run over 30 times, we will win this game.

And if we do that, and we do win, we as fans won't allow Marty to forget how we won, and we might well beat Carolina with the same game plan smile.gif.


Doom is in the box.

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Wolf in Skins clothing.

Now whose hands would those be? LOL

Run Davis, by all means.

A point of accuracy, we will have Harris, Lucky and Lehr at TEs. That would be primary pass catcher, primary blocker and marginal pass catcher and designated run thumper. Just so you know.

Dallas has 3 DTs and 4 DEs, they ain't much but look at who hasn't run on them this year. Dunn, LaDamian Thomas, theIggles new kid and the entire cast of run OR. Red rover, red rover send Davis on over.

The lets get ahead philosophy, Tampa, San Diego, Phili and the Raiders have tryed this. The Iggles so far are the only ones who made this really work. For it to work for the Skins Banks needs to be sharp and the Westbrook, Lucket, Gardiner trio needs to catch everything thrown to them. Alexander too.

Our "secret weapon" on offence is Troy Hambrick (T-Ham) who will come in as both FB (with Emmitt) and RB. Neat kid, if he hangs in there this year then drafting a RB may slide way down next year.

My keys to the game is 1) our O line vs your D line. The Dallas O line has been very streaky but played a good game against Oakland. 2) Our D-line vs your O-line. As mentioned above they are run stopers and not much else. The loss of Underwood, Blade and Stewart (expected back in about 2-3 weeks) has really put a crimp in our rotating DTs. 3) Our STs vs the Skins STs. Dallas has mostly had good field position against every body. If Dallas continues to play on short fields your D will have a long day.

Turn overs. Looks like both teams have cut down from some horrendous early numbers. Whoever reverts to dropsies first will lose.

Interesting string, if you will excuse me I have a coded message to send. biggrin.gif

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Game plan ? Well, let's just hope that Marty has heard that prayer changes things. smile.gif

Seriously, Hambrick scares me. He's big and quite fast for a guy his size. If the girls ever figure out that Emmitt is through and decide to go with youth a lot of people are going to see just how good he is.

I think our best shot is to run Davis until his legs fall off in an attempt to keep them off the field. A few play action fakes sprinkled in to keep the D honest and then another dose of Davis. Only thing is, that's my game plan EVERY week.

My heart says pick the Skins, but my head is telling me not to be an idiot. That the 'girls have kept it close for the most part even though they've played a much tougher schedule than we have is not a good sign.

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this game comes down to "want to". Neither team is going to bowl the other over with talent so it is really a matter of who wants it most.

from what I have seen so far the Cowboys have more players that are leaving a part of themselves on the field each week.

the Redskins, outside of Arrington and some others, appear hesitant and reluctant to sacrifice the body and pay the price of victory. Indeed some players appear to be playing just NOT to get hurt.

That is especially true on offense where I don't see Westbrook or Alexander busting a hump to do anything of note when the ball is thrown to them.

Yes, the downfield strikes have not been there in the gameplan but at 6'3 and 220 you expect Westbrook to at least break some tackles on one of those passes and use his athleticism to flash something. Instead he gets tackled in the open field by corners 5 inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter.

Alexander ever since that jarring hit by John Lynch in the 1999 playoff game seems to be unwilling to catch the over the middle ball and sacrifice his body. The guy seems to hear steps and moves to protect before he sees the ball into his body.

You can't be a consistent receiving threat in the NFL if you can't go out there and overcome your fears of being hit.

That is something that gets around the league and guarantees Alexander is going to get a pop from every DB because he shies away from the contact.

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