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Lavar On Wrc4


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Lavar said he is not sure, percentage wise, how healthy his knee/shin is.

Says as long as it is a challenge he still has fun

Says the difference this year is that he is on the weak side and Coach Williams defense playcalling always leads to something else

Then they did a little bit about John Simon...new girl Nicole got the project...looking good.

Team will take complete composite to decide on what running backs make the team.

Will do another show from Redskins Park at approximately 6:50.

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Originally posted by JeffSchmeff

That Nicole Zaloumis chick has a weird look to her. I can't decide whether I think she's cute or not. She has kind of a Joker face, with way too much makeup on tonight. Anyone else see what I'm talking about?

Her hair cut doesn't compliment her face!

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