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Bay Bridge (Terrorist Target?)


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Hamas Operative Arrested at Bay Bridge 8:35 AM

Aug 24, 2004 8:35 am US/Eastern

Baltimore, MD (WJZ) The U-S Attorney's office in Baltimore says a suspected high-level operative in the Hamas terrorist organization

is in custody as a material witness in a Chicago terrorism case.

Ismael Elbarasse of Annandale, Virginia, was arrested Friday videotaping the Bay Bridge in Maryland. Authorities say Elbarasse is not charged with any wrongdoing in Maryland.

But he was named in the Chicago indictment as a "co-conspirator" in a conspiracy to illegally finance terrorist activities in Israel.

While he was not indicted, Elbarasse was alleged to have shared a Virginia bank account with a suspected high level Hamas leader in Syria.

Federal authorities say the account was used to launder

hundreds of thousands of dollars for Hamas.

He was arrested after two off-duty Baltimore County police

officers noticed a man in a passing S-U-V videotaping the bridge.

The officers reported the sighting at the toll plaza and Maryland Transportation Authority Police officers stopped the S-U-V and confiscated the camera.

Elbarasse made an initial appearance in Baltimore's federal courthouse yesterday on the material witness charge.

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Am I the only one that thinks the BAy Bridge would not be the best target in the area? I mean if you're trying to shock us and cause change in the daily routines of an entire area (and you have the ability/desire to down a bridge)...can you imaine the Wilson Bridge being attacked? or in other areas, the Verenzano (sp?)?

but personally, I just hope this was not a prelude to an attack of any sort. Thinking like it doesn't make sense to go after the bay bridge is why I'm glad I'm not in charge of trying to stop them. Obviously I can't think that way well enough to anticipate.

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Originally posted by RonJeremy

Awww man...I travel the Bay Bridge at least three times a month...and even more during football season for Skins home games.

That hits close to home for me!! :(

First thing I thought of when I saw this the night before on the news was Labor Day weekend.

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