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Is this really news?? LOL

Island Boy

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Man got letter addressed to Mr Shagslikeadonkey

A Bedfordshire man was sent a letter from insurance company Prudential addressed to Mr A Shagslikeadonkey.

The letter to Nick Mann was signed by the company's marketing chief Andy Lucas

The note went on: "Dear Mr Shagslikeadonkey, Moving your home insurance to Prudential could save about £80 . . ."

Mr Mann, a financial adviser, said: "My jaw hit the floor when I saw the letter. I'm used to hearing from insurance companies due to my work - but I've never received anything like this. I don't even have any Prudential policies."

It is understood the letter was sent to Mr Mann's home in Leighton Buzzard by insurance firm Churchill, which underwrites Prudential policies, says The Sun.

A Prudential spokesman said the name was put in their system years ago - and the culprit had left the firm.

He added: "One individual let us down. We'll review our safeguards."

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Back when I was in the Air Force, every night before work, we would stop in to the Shoppette for sodas, cigs and other things.

We would stop by the magazine rack and pick up some assorted magazines and shake all the subscription card loose and what ever hit the floor, we would take to work and fill out for all of our friends.

Some of the names we would make up bordered on the obscene but usually companies would send responses out in those names.

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