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Just like the old days


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now this is my kind of "balance"...

50 rushes, 17 passes.

41 minutes time of possession.

seriously, i haven't seen **** like that in a dozen years...which is why Gibbs is so special. none of this "pitch it and catch it" crap....gimme "grind it out, run it out, roll em out."

that performance, even though it was just preseason, was so refreshing it felt like it was 1986 all over again (someone cue up a Mister Mr. CD...) :laugh:

and the offense finally clicked....Portis showed flashes of exactly why Gibbs pulled the trigger to bring him in here....and Sean Taylor, dude all i gotta say is....:notworthy

some very promising signs.


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JG still held back. Didn't put the players in motion as much. When he does that he changes the strength of the defense. One more thing you didn't see that you will see in the regular season is when everyone thinks he is going to run, he gets the receivers in mismatches and they go for the homerun. You remember, Williams to Sanders, Rypien to Clark, Theisman to Charley Brown. I am sure Coles or McCants will be the recepient. But as you saw last night, it is all coming together one step at a time. Don't forget the screen pass to Portis either.

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We've actually had lopsided running games a few times in the past few years. Mostly under Marty, but even under Spurrier. Still, I would not expect the Redskins to be quite this lopsided in plays when the season goes live. Though, if we play a weak team and jump out big, you can be sure Gibbs will put together games like this in response.

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Originally posted by Rafterman

It's a pleasure to watch a master like Coach Gibbs at work.

I can't wait for the reg. season.

Master is right! I truely believe the major difference between Gibbs and most of the other coaches in the NFL is not X's and O's. It is preparation and planning. Gibbs is a beast when it comes to planning and contingency planning. I am not worried if anyone gets hurt because Gibbs will be prepared. He would have been a great WWII Commanding General along the likes of Patton, Bradley, and MacArthur.

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