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Lightweight Bear Can't Hold Beer


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Black Bear Binges on Booze



A black bear was found passed out at a campground in Washington state – after guzzling three dozen cans of a local beer.

“We noticed a bear sleeping on the common lawn and wondered what was going on until we discovered that there were a lot of beer cans lying around,” said Lisa Broxson, a worker at the Baker Lake Resort, 80 miles northeast of Seattle.

The hard-drinking bear, thought to be about two years old, broke into campers’ coolers and, using his claws and teeth to open the cans, swilled down the ale.

And not just any cans – he appeared to favour one brand over another.

“He drank the Rainier and wouldn’t drink the Busch beer,” said Broxson. “He did try one can of Busch, but ignored the rest and drank 36 cans of Rainier.”

A wildlife agent tried to chase the bear from the campground but the animal just climbed a tree to sleep it off for another four hours.

Agents finally used a large, humane trap to capture it for relocation, baiting the trap with doughnuts, honey – and two open cans of Rainier.

Damn bears these days just can't hold their beer like they used to.

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