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A good article during the bye week from the Post. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A8124-2001Nov10.html

Had to show you guys this. If you've never been to a game then you haven't seen the Funky Four. It started in '99, a new tradition. They are hilarious.


Harry Jackson, 43, of Gaithersburg

An accountant and member of the Redskins Marching Band and Funky 4 dance team (along with Kenny Scott, Thomas Clarke and Michael Dorsey):

"We started doing this about three years ago on a dare. Kenny Scott said we should go dance with the Redskinettes. Someone said, 'I dare you.' And we got up and started dancing and got picked up on the Jumbotron.

"It's the same song every game – "Play that Funky Music," by Wild Cherry. But the day of the game, we talk through what we want to do as a routine, then we go to a utility room at the stadium and go through it.

"It always affects you when someone is talking about your team. But when they were 0-5, it made us want to go out even more to keep the crowd and the team motivated. The fifth game we lost, we didn't get to go out on the field. That's because they didn't know how we would be received with so much going on that was negative.

"Now, there's been a definite change. You can actually feel the momentum building. The high point was last Sunday, coming off three straight wins. The crowd was extremely loud. When we're on the field, and we hear them cheer, it motivates us, so we can only imagine what it does to the team.

"A lot of the players, like LaVar Arrington, have told us we give them a boost and encouragement to get out there. We always want to be that motivating factor. It seems like when the band plays music from the stands, it kind of drives them down the field and keeps them resolved."

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