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Why is this in the Post?


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Henry, I agree with you that the Post does an inordinate amount or reporting on Baltimore pro sports. In the Sports section there's a daily account of the no account Orioles. The columnists b1tch and moan about DC not having it's own baseball team yet they give the Orioles free publicity in their paper to cultivate and keep fans. I for one believe as long as the Post pays lip service to Peter "The Moron" Angelos the Orioles can claim DC as their fan base.

What surprises me is that the Post doesn't cover much more of Baltimore beyond their two pro sports teams. Beyond the recent train derailment and subsequent tunnel fire you don't read much about Baltimore. Little to no reporting on Baltimore metro news. Baltimore politics. Baltimore issues. Why? Because they have their own damn papers to do this reporting. So why not let those same papers report on their sports teams and free up more space in the Post's Sports Section for more DC based teams. Pro, collegiate or amatuer.


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