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WP article on Atlanta game


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On Chris Samuels: Possible "pulled muscle in back" that the articles says Schott and Samuels don't feel will keep him out long.

Schottenheimer on special teams: "I may have to send some people out of here, but I am going to fix it."

Now there's a refreshing change of attitude ... hope he back it up with action!

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Though I have taken somewhat of a hardline about not worrying about the team in preseason (hey what do I know laugh.gif ), I have to say that the ST's has some holes, just like DT is one and the need for another starting or backup lineman.

The ST's are so delicate. One ST I'd like us to emmulate is

Baltimore's. Jermaine Lewis was given all kinds of lanes.

On their ST defensive side of the ball, they stayed in the game because the ST's didn't break. (as for the backups later, I lost interest and had other things to do).

We seem to have a problem with "Standard Issue" protocols.

Stuff that is considered a "must have done" every time, every game. Some breakdowns will occur or a "comet" may be against us, but still the play should be serious, solid and have escalated, not de-escalated results!

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