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Browns Get Gay


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"it's not my last chance, it's a new beginning"........

wow, this guy sounds like a poet laugh.gif

I think while he is a long shot to play a lot right away you can't tell me a 6'1 and 230 pound back that can run a 4.4 is going to fail to even be the #4 back on a team with a host of lousy runners like the Browns.

The Browns are still trotting out 33 year old Errict Rhett at running back and this guy hasn't had a good year since 1997.

Give me a break evil.gif

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The Browns need all the help they can get. The NFL wasn't as kind to the expansion Browns as they were to the Panthers and Jaguars.


<IMG SRC="http://www.joegibbsracing.com/joe_gibbs/joegibbs_images/driver_prof_joe.jpg" border=0><IMG SRC="http://www.joegibbsracing.com/current_season/jgr_wc_18/jgr_wc_18_images/car/bobby_car_race.gif" border=0><IMG SRC="http://www.joegibbsracing.com/current_season/jgr_wc_20/jgr_wc_20_images/car/drive_pontiac_tony.gif" border=0>

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You can probably blame his parents for some of his problems. If my parents had named me Ben Gay, I'd be walking around with a chip on MY shoulder too. It's great that he's finally grown up. Let's just hope it's not too late.

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