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Redskins.com says Portis jerseys available... but where are they?


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Originally posted by JeffSchmeff

Where does it say Portis jerseys are available? Here is the sidebar, and I don't see anything about Portis:



Ok...i'm really confused here....i've wanted a portis jersey for awhile now...and am really curious to know if they are available or not!

Am I hallucinating or does that not show a portis jersey in the sidebar...saying now available?

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Wow are you looking at the pic of the sidebar people ?

It clearly says "Now Available".

I have heard nothing about Portis Jerseys being available.

As soon find out what his number he will be I will just order a Custom Jersey from NFL.com. Then I wont have to worry about when they are available in stores.

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Originally posted by NoCalMike

someone posted a link to the espn store which had portis jerseys in both burgandy & white versions.

You call also try NFL.com any name any number. It just takes longer to get in the mail.:helmet:

the only jerseys espn is advertising are adidas. aren't we with Reebok now?

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