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My daughters Coles jersey

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I was wondering if some of you could help me out finding a jersey for my daughter. Just to tell you about us I was born and raised in Frederick ,MD. I joined the Navy and spent 6 years stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I served as a fast attack submarine sonar supervisor onboard the USS Chicago SSN 721.

While stationed here I had a beautiful daughter named Kiana Aloha (see below) and I have decided to stay in Hawaii instead of moving back to the mainland.

Anyway to get to the point as part of my parental duties I have taken it upon myself to mold another diehard Skins fan for the next generation. But I am having a tough time to find jerseys for a child of he size and I know that back in MD and VA there are plenty of stores that carry child sizes of Redskin jerseys.

I was hoping you guys could supply me with websites, phone #'s (hopefully they have a catalog you can order, or just any helpful. Thanks a lot guys and if any of you are planning on coming to Oahu (island with Honolulu and Waikiki) drop me a line 1st cause I can tell whats worth doing and whats a bunch of crap they feed tourists. Aloha

P.S. If you ever get pissed at newest Redskin Joe Sa'alavea and he can hear you just tell him UFA KEFE. But you might want to start runnin cause Samoan's have been known to rearrange body parts when haole people say that.

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