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Well, I missed the game as I was out of town this weekend. Didn't even get to hear the play-by-play. All I heard was the final score in the car on the way home. Today I called up my friend, a crazed Charger fan, to congratulate him and take my medicine. After apologizing profusely for his team's running up the score, he made a few obsverations. Again, I haven't seen the game yet, but I thought you all might like to hear the veiw from the opposition:

- George looked terrible. He's the biggest problem on offense.

- Brandt looked like a rookie free-agent. Got beat a lot...

- Smoot looked pretty good. In fact, our defense looked pretty decent overall, but soft against the run, which Norv never abandoned (go figure.)

-Norv seemed to want to run up the score. (My freind's words, not mine.)

- My friend seemed to feel that the Chargers played like crap in the second half and did everything they could to lose the game, but the Redskins just couldn't do anything on offense.

That's about it. Would someone here please tell me how the hell the Chargers beat us by 27? I just cannot fathom it.

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Pretty much that was it. Stephen “Butterfingers” Davis Fumbles again trying to go in for a score. Good thing for us we did not have Aeneas Williams there to return it to the other side for a score.

George got benched so we might have an other QB Controversy, Marty will announce a starter tomorrow .frerotte.gif

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- Davis pulls out his "Arizona" trick.

- Alexander thought the ball was on fire and didn't want to touch it.

- Westbrook and Gardner couldn't get open.

- George looked like he should be QB at Tampa Bay. smile.gif

- Special Teams: Business as usual.

- No spark, fire, emotion, heart, guts from a large portion of the team. Looked like they were waiting for things to turn bad so they could sulk. Exceptions: Arrington, Smoot, Lang.

- Unimaginative offensive game-plan.

[edited.gif by Brave on September 11, 2001.]

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