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Guest The Angry Buddha

Bulldog is correct plus George Rogers. Can't come up with the 7th.


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Jeff George was like a bad flu. Once it is gone you hope it never comes back.

George Rogers was a quality running back in the NFL and ran for over 1,200 yards one year here in DC.

It was a shame that cocaine allegedly ended his playing career in 1988.

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If we get Drew Bledsoe in here, it would be 8.

If we would've signed Russell Maryland in the offseason--add another to that list.

Wasn't Troy rumored to come here? (he's also one)

What I find remarkable is that while we have had all these overall #1 picks in burgundy & gold, our next opponents, the Cards, have never had one--and they're the perennial cellar dwellars.

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what should be more notable is the fact we have had all those #1 picks in recent years (most have come since 1994) and yet we haven't done much more than the Cards frown.gif

They won one playoff game in 1998 against Dallas and the Redskins won one playoff game against Detroit in 1999.

Let's face it, we haven't burned up the NFC East in years. Even in 1999 we lost twice to Dallas among those 6 losses.

At 10-6, 8-8 and now 8-8 or 7-9 the Redskins are not the Bengals in terms of cellar-dwelling but what we have become is a chronically mediocre team that each offseason talks about the big game or two that got away and cost us a chance for glory.

I don't mind the 4-12 season or two to build a strong foundation, what is painful is the fact we have been 'rebuilding' for years and yet keep doing it again and again. Heck, Norv rebuilt his own team 3 times in the 7 years he was coach here. And the results in 2000 at 8-8 were largely the same as in 1996 at 9-7 and 1997 at 8-7-1.

All those free agent moves and big signings made little difference to the bottom line.

And unfortunately, so have all the high draft choices.

Here we are sitting with 8-10 players that any other team would love to get their hands on and because we can't locate an effective NFL quarterback and get the coach/team on the same page during training camp, we are once again sitting at home filling out playoff lotteries for games that don't include us.

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Here's something else to chew on...


<u>1st rounders</u>

Dan Wilkinson (#1 overall)

Bruce Smith (#1 overall)

Ki-Jana Carter (#1 overall)

LaVar Arrington (#2 overall)

Champ Bailey

Kenard Lang

Darrell Green

Robert Jones

Chris Samuels (#3 overall)

Michael Westbrook

Rod Gardner

Eric Metcalf

<u>2nd rounders</u>

Stephen Alexander

Jon Jansen

Dorian Boose

Kevin Mitchell

Fred Smoot

Donnell Bennett

Cory Raymer

Ben Coleman

Tony Banks

Kevin Lockett


<u>1st rounders</u>

Leonard Davis (#2 overall)

David Boston

Thomas Jones

Pete Kendall

LJ Shelton

Tom Knight

Rob Frederickson

<u>2nd rounders</u>

Jake Plummer

Johnny Rutledge

Corey Chavous

Anthony Clement

Frank Sanders

And both teams have the same record...

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of course many more of the Cardinals players were picks by their own organization while we got a lot of our players as free agents and in trades.

Guys like Metcalf (33), Smith (36), Fryar (37), etc.....

were acquired at the end of their careers and really made their names somewhere else.

the same thing happened with George Allen who ended up acquiring players like Richie Petitbon, Deacon Jones and Walt Sweeney who were all in their final seasons in the NFL after 10+ years elsewhere.

What I want to see is homegrown picks that become consistent pro bowlers, that is how you know your personnel department is doing their jobs.

The draft is much more important now than it was 20 years ago because of the cap.

Getting a starting caliber safety in free agency can cost $1 million plus while finding one in say round #2 or #3 of the draft can cost $400K.

That is a huge difference to the bottom line if matched against two or three draft picks that make an immediate impact.

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