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redskin mike


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I have 40 yrd line CLUB LEVEL sec 302 row 19 seats 1-4

Tix's that I have left 4-cowboys,4-ravens,2-bengals,4-giants,4-eagles,4-vikings all also have orange parking

All tix's at face value

please email me at if you have any questions


Redskin Mike

AS of May 22. 2004

The games left are:

Aug 14 Panthers 4

Oct 10 ravens 4

Nov 14 Bengals 2

Dec 5 Giants 4

Dec 12 Eagals 4

Jan 2 Vikings 4

The Tix's are $215 each times four = $860 per game

with orange parking at $25 one per game on the parking!

total per game $885

plus shipping

If you have more questions you can call the redskins tix office at 301.276.6050

If bought from the redskins my tixs would be $340-$375 each

Also if you have any more questions please email me


Redskin mike

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Guys, he said to email him with any questions. Probably because he doesn't intend on checking this thread ver often :)

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