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Best receiving division in the NFL?


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I like gbear's thread so I'm adding this one. I say the NFC West:

Atlanta: Mathis and Jefferson-old but serviceable

Carolina: Muhammad, Jeffers, Wesley Walls-Injury prone, but pretty good.

New Orleans: Horn, Connell and Cleeland-A pro-bowler, a head case, and a very good TE when healthy.

St. Louis: Bruce, Holt, Hakim, Proehl, Faulk-obvious.

San Fran: Owens and Stokes-A pro-bowler and a solid #2. TE Greg Clark isn't too bad either.

NFC Central isn't too shabby either.

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At first I thought I about the Rams, 49s, and Saints for the NFC WEST, but I'm not sold on the WRs of the Falcons at all.

I'd have to go with the NFC Central as having the best WRs top to bottom. I can't think of a team in that division that shouldn't have an excellent receiveing core this coming year.

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IMO, Those Western Division combos were the joint for 1999 and 2000, but I differ now. I think there is a slight bit of parity for this year throughout, with most deadly being still in St. Louis and Minnesota. New Orleans, Washington, Chicago, Green bay and San Francisco would follow. I'd give the edge to Tampa Bay, New York and Detroit over the rest.

Washington has the most to show, since Westbrook is coming off an injury, but is ready to play. The addition of Lockett and Gardner gives an edge over other teams, that otherwise would have been ahead. McCants doesn't hurt the squad either. The WCO will be showcased and versatility means defenses may not always be in correct alignment.

Eyes will be focused on Galloway, but then that's about it in Jerrahville. Arizona is not in Boston, but Boston is in Arizona so they get a star, but no cigar.

Philly, IMO will still show this as their heel this year, so no way do they compare to groups mentioned.

Improvising will keep them on top of their game, with McNabb now having to figure out newer adjustments to him and Philly's hope that the Duece will be loose again.

The Giants expect BIGGER things from their receiving corps, but IMO, what you saw last year was it. This group doesn't strike me as being the consistant corps, that once played there.

I thought that an unfamiliarization from their opponents gave them the offensive edge, since those teams hadn't seen the combo of Toomer, Hilliard, Barber, Collins, etc. It will be much different this time around with jamming and timing patterns serverly disrupted.

Chicago's Robinson anchors a corps that is able, but the rest of the offense is questionable overall. WR's not the issue but Defense is the question for Minnesota, and may be the shoes of Robert Smith too much to fill.

San Francisco shows the breakout this year or but, the world is waiting. IMO, it is not the same this year, whereas Tampa Bay may benefit more from a "taller" QB and a faster reader of defenses, thus allowing Keyshawn Johnson and company to amass some monster games. The question will be, if Johnson sees the lanes to pass, can he get it there or even on time?

Atlanta has the centerpiece in Vick and an able Mathis. Vick will be the starter eventually and that is when the games become exciting, but will be from his scrambling, like McNabb, or a combination like McNair??

[edited.gif by indyskinsfan on July 19, 2001.]

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Atlanta resigned Martin formerly of the dolphins and claim he is back to the skill level he display during their super bowl run. Doubtful.

Didn't Da Bears draft a Big Receiver in he first to compliment their star receiver?

I'm optimistic about our corps but its early come on August



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Da Bears drafted David Terrel from Michigan. Highly rated wide receiver prospect. Either first or second receiver picked in the draft. He should go nicely with Marcus Robinson if they can get their QB situation figured out. I still think that the NFC West has the best receivers. Owens and Holt are two of the best. I think that Moss might be the only better receiver in the NFC. Green bay's receivers are not anywhere close to what they used to have. Freeman has really lost it, over the last two years, and I dont think that they have found anyone else to pick up the slack.

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