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Here We Go Again....


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Should be another good game like the last. Low scoring overall and whoever has the fewest turnovers and penalties is going to win.

Congrats on your wiping of the Saints! They looked like a team who has given up as did the Panthers who we crushed on Sunday!

This game is to go 8-8 and posibly to finish second in the division. Lets make a great one!!

I will miss Playing the Skins since we are realigning to the NFCW next year!

Lets keep an eye on that Boston/Bailey match-up again it should be another dandy!!!!

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Yeah, it should be an interesting game. As I recall, we whupped the Cardinals in a "meaningless" game last year...I doubt it will turn out like that this year. It seems like both teams have something to be playing for.

It seems to me like the Cardinals are a very youthful team that have a lot to look forward to in the future. Plummer to Boston could be compared to the likes of Farve to Freeman and Griese to Smith...and dare I say, Banks to Gardner (just kidding).

Anywho, I'd say it depends on which team has the most fight left in them. We're about evenly matched, so it should be entertaining.

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this game is one reason I wished Darrell Green had kept his comeback a secret for another month or two smile.gif

if fans and teammates thought this was going to be his last game there is no way the Cards would come out of Fedex with a victory.

now, I don't know. The Redskins went into the Saints game with Arrington, Mitchell, Coleman banged up. Then we lost Davis and Westbrook to injuries in the game itself.

Hopefully Davis can be ready to play. Arrington and Coleman look like they will give it a go.

But injuries could play a role in this game.

Stil, I think with a .500 record on the line the Redskins should find enough motivation to win a close one at home.

The final score should be 21-14 Washington. smile.gif

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Originally posted by OrangeSkin:

Also, if it was Darrell's last game, the place would be packed. Now we'll be lucky to draw flies, much like the final game of last year.

Don't worry, the flies will be graciously provided by Kenard "Pig Pen" Lang, since our win last week started another one of his shower-less streaks

[edited.gif by Mick on January 01, 2002.]

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draft position?

the positions of qb and dl that the Skins are in most need of are ones where the top candidates are usually taken by the #10 pick, so regardless of finish the Skins are going to have to scramble and do their homework to get one of the "rough cut diamonds" in any event.

That's why 8-8 records can be so frustrating. You don't get the playoff memories of having a team that finishes 11-5 and you don't get to plot the acquisition of a franchise player as you would at 5-11.

No man's land at #15-20 in the draft.

Time for the best GM's to do their work.

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