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Arrington is fans choise for the Pro Bowl

Guest fuji869

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Guest fuji869

According to Redskins.com LaVar was the top Vote Getter for the NFC @ Outside Linebacker. cheers.gif

<u>Fans Choose Arrington For Pro Bowl</u>


by Jason Gould

Editor, Redskins.com

Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington was the NFC's top fan-vote recipient at outside linebacker for Pro Bowl voting which concluded Monday. The fans' votes count one-third toward determining the final Pro Bowl players. Coaches and players comprise the final two-thirds of the vote.

Pro Bowl teams are scheduled to be announced Wednesday, January 2. The game will be played in Hawaii on February 9, and it will air on February 9. Starting lineups are scheduled to be announced Saturday, January 12 at halftime of the AFC and NFC wildcard games.

Arrington joins Chicago's Brian Urlacher, who toped fan voting for the NFC's inside linebacker, as the top two linebackers in the conference. No other Redskins topped any positions on the Pro Bowl teams, as selected by the fans. After coaches' and players' votes are tallied, several Redskins, including Stephen Davis and Champ Bailey, have opportunities to be chosen.

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fans are notoriously unreliable when rating the abilities of players that do not have strict measurables such as qbs, wrs and rbs.

positions such as safety, linebacker and the line positions are often ones that fans have trouble distinguishing the truly outstanding performers vs. the ones that just make the headlines with the outrageous hit every once in a while.

that's why the pro bowl vote is 66% by the coaches and players.

of the three groups I think the coaches tend to be the most fair.

players often don't vote for guys that are talkers such as Brian Mitchell despite the fact they put up the numbers to be named to the team almost every year.

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Very True Bulldog. How it makes me sick to see fans pick injured players, who can't play the rest of the season or were out-of-circulation for months. Another is the "wimsy" fan that just votes on who ever the announcer names. Just sounds good and cool, but they are clueless.

I felt Arrington, Davis and even Bailey, with Jansen more than deserved it. I would make a case for Samuels, but it was little harder gauging him this time around. I thought that even Szot should have gotten an honorable mention.

Bulldog, that's also correct about the player's sentiment on other players, like a Mitchell, or the fact that coaches are fairer on these pickings.

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