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Anyone notice Dallas is starting to beat people?


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Someone implied last night, or maybe it was on Fox's postgame, that the Cowboys are starting to gell and play solid football.

With a Qb upgrade, much like Washington, they could have something down there. Of course, Emmitt's about as old as Jim Brown.. but you gotta give it to the guy...he can still run the football effectively. There defense is improving as well.

Just what we need, a dogfight in the east next year with no clear favorite. Six tough games against Eagles...Giants....and Dallas. Well, thinking positively, if we can hold our own against them we just might have what it takes to go deep in the playoffs.

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Guest fuji869

I have noticed that The Boys have shown some life and are looking to have something to build on for 2002. I guess all of the Fairweather / Bandwagon Cowboy Fans soon will be taking out their Cowboy gear they haven't worn since 1998 (the last time the won the NFC East) and dusting it off and ready to jump back on the Bandwagon in 2002 if Dallas makes a play off run. geek.gif

The New NFC East (minus the Cardinals) should be interestion in the next year. I don't think the Eagles will be a team that dominates the East for several years, w/ an upgrade @ QB and some other positions we should be able to make a run for the Division and see what happens from there.

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Guest fuji869


I would not be surprised if that idea did not cross Jerry Jones's mind, he knows that the Cowboys, when playing well, can be the most marketable team in sports. If you can remember his sales pitch to Deion Sanders on national TV in 1995 when he Primetime was undecided about going to the Cowboys or returning to the 49ers. Jerry pretty much said you can market yourself a lot better with Cowboys because who they were and who they had on the team.

JJ is a business man and he knows how to make $$$$. deal.gif

[edited.gif by fuji869 on December 31, 2001.]

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Dallas won 5 games last year when the East had one 12-4 team and another 11-5 team.

This year Dallas has won 6 games in a division with one team with a .500 record.

I don't know how much progress that translates into. smile.gif

It is true that with the shakeup at quarterback Campo deserves credit for not allowing the team to collapse after the poor start, just as the Redskins were able to bounce back from 0-5 to be competitive.

But as with the Redskins the question has to be asked whether the team is really better off now than before.

In some ways it might be. In other ways, including at the key position of qb and on the skill positions where there is age at RB and WR, it might not be.

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The Cowboys have the ability to put it all together any given week and beat a team in nearly every fascet of the game (except in the punting game it appears ... my gosh does Knorr try to lose these things on purpose?!?).

The consistency is what's lacking.

Quincy Carter has now had two 100+ QB Rating games in 6 full games played (Giants: 100.4, Niners: 118.9). In both games he made plays with his arms and his legs, and didn't make any mistakes.

That is what we Cowboy fans are hoping we can see on more consistent basis next season. Quincy is showing why we drafted him, but like any rookie QB isn't doing it every week. It's the sophomore seasons when Culpepper, McNabb, etc etc really 'took off' in this league. Will Q make some of the same strides this offseason? We'll see...

The defense is playing strong, as evident by their now #3 ranking. The offensive line is capable of putting a good game together despite Stepnoski being pushed around of late. Emmitt can still put some good games together, having really impressed us all the past two games. Hambrick is good at spelling him, and Wiley's good on third downs. The receivers are inconsistent IMO, capable of playing a good game but also capable of disappearing -- part of it comes down to QB play, but not all of it.

I look for the Cowboys to win at least 8 games next season, dependent on our offseason moves. I don't think this is a big leap, since we will have won 6 games this season if we beat the Lions next week... We're rumored to have anything from $17-24 million to spend in the offseason, depending on which report you believe. We'll have a high pick. Will we use these things effectively?

It really does all come down to Quincy Carter and his play. When he plays well, we win. When he makes mistakes it hurts the offense and sets the defense up with poor field position to defend and we usually lose. If he can be a conistently good QB, I look for us to perhaps contend for a playoff spot next season. I say that not trying to make an outlandish statement, but I believe in today's NFL an 8-win team is a playoff contender. I think a 7-win team could even be argued as one in this dilluted leage depending on what your record is at various stages of the season.

[edited.gif by Dale on December 31, 2001.]

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Dallas is hard to peg. Obviously they have not been consistent, but they do always seem to play hard and with pride, no matter the coach, record or who the team leaders are at any given time.

I thought the defense was supposed to be horrible this year. Turns out they were very good.

The offense has struggled often and only shown flashes of good play. Not many teams with the #3 defense have 5-10 records. You would expect Carter to have troubles (and he has) but he's also been their best starter this year.

Other offensive problems:

- an aging, cap-busting Emmitt Smith who will have to either re-work his contract or switch uniforms to chase the record. He can still be effective ... but he doesn't appear to want to end his career gracefully.

- TE & FB. Dallas decline began with the departures of Moose and Novacek. They were huge weapons that Aikman never really got over losing.

- WR. Getting long in the tooth (Rocket) and they have trouble staying healthy (both.)

Dallas SEEMS to be improving but it is hard to tell. 4 of their 10 wins over the last 2 season have been over lackluster Redskin teams. I think 2 others were over the Cardinals and another over a Giant team that was notplaying well. There really haven't been a lot of QUALITY wins other than yesterday's defeat of San Francisco. However in today's NFL things can click quickly so how long they stay down is anyone's guess.

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The Cowboys bit the bullet this year and took the losses you get with the rookie QB. It'll pay off for them in the future. They've got their Next QB. We don't.

I'm not saying I prefer their situation, but they've got to be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I expect we'll have great trouble with them next year.

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