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Tom [Giants fan]

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The Cardinals have not given up on the season and I don't think next week's game is going to be a walkover.

If this had really been Darrell Green's last game then I might feel otherwise, but if we are not careful we could get bitten in the butt in this one.

What bothers me every time I see a receiver like David Boston is the Redskins' lack of a pass rush. Even when the corner is in good position to make the play, Boston can use his size and strength to make big plays.

I would be a lot more comfortable if Arrington were at 100% and we were going to use him to put heat on Plummer, who clearly gets rattled when rushed.

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Records, best to worst.... (no intentional sorting among ties, it's just random)

32 St. Louis 13-2

31 Chicago 12-3

30 Pittsburgh 12-3

29 Green Bay 11-4

28 San Fran 11-4

27 Philly 10-5

26 Oakland 10-5

25 Miami 10-5

24 New England 10-5

23 NY Jets 9-6

22 Baltimore 9-6

21 Tampa Bay 9-6

(Begin big pile)

20 Denver 8-7

19 Seattle 8-7

18 Atlanta 7-8

17 Washington 7-8

16 New Orleans 7-8

15 NY Giants 7-8

14 Arizona 7-8

13 Cleveland 7-8

12 Tennessee 7-8

11 Jackonville 6-9

10 Kansas City 6-9

(End Big Pile)

9 Minnesota 5-10

8 Dalla 5-10

7 Indianapolis 5-10

6 Cincinnati 5-10

5 San Diego 5-11

4 Buffalo 3-12

3 Detroit 1-14

2 Carolina 1-4

1 Houston 0-0

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Does draft position matter to the Giants? I thought you guys just took the highest rated Big Ten-Midwest guy on your board. smile.gif

It's not like we've been drafting geniuses, but the Giants are so stubborn about the Big Ten (or Notre Dame) that it's scary.

[edited.gif by TennesseeCarl on December 31, 2001.]

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Oh god!!! Tom you would mention it! smile.gif

The Skins are in a position where the sweet becomes bitter.

Folks expect a blunder bowl game with Arizona. They will be so gawd awful, while we pile up 50-60 points. They want better draft position for a defensive player.

Dallas will put in 3rd stringers to insure Emmitt's health for next year and a serious loss to move up in the draft position. Going for an offensive tackle or RB.

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