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I kinda feel bad for the Saints.


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I'm a huge Haslett fan. He's a Sig Ep from IUP (me too) and it's cool that have someone from your chapter do so well.

Anyway, that team just had some bad bad luck last night.

Remember last week a lot of people said that the bears didn't win, we just lost. Well, with all those turnovers last night, it was kinda the other way around. We have great field position a lot and took care of it. We didn't run the length of the field all those times.

Good win but we got a long way to go.

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Guest fuji869

I know how it feels to pull for your Fraternity Brothers. I was in Lambda Chi Alpha when I was @ Central Missouri State in the early-mid 90s. I was pulling for Kerry Conklin when he was a Skin because he was a Lambda Chi from Washington. I also pull for Larry Brown and Rick Pitino when I watch Basketball.

The thing I remember the most was when I ate breakfast with X-Cowboy Steve Pelleur @ the 1994 Great Plans Conclave in Lincoln, Nebraska. When I he introduced himself to me I said “I have seen you play before but sorry I am a Redskins Fan”. He got a laugh out of it and we talked for a while, he was very cool.

[edited.gif by fuji869 on December 31, 2001.]

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what has to be troubling is the Saints have been blown out the past two weeks and seeminlgy mailed in last night's game after the first quarter.

your team should show more than 40-10 at home with as much talent as the Saints have.

the team did not have a good offseason in 2001 after a fine offseason to jumpstart the program in 2000.

Haslett had to draft a back #1 (MacCalister) because of the up in the air situation with Ricky Williams at the time and that prevented the team from grabbing a cornerback to ease the loss of Alex Molden in free agency. The team is still vulnerable through the air.

The Saints then went out and signed Albert Connell as their big offseason acquisition on offense and he failed to deliver anything to the team at WR.

Meanwhile the Saints at 10-6 were being passed by the Rams who at 10-6 were making some major upgrades with Mark Fields, Aeneas Williams, Kim Herring as well as 3 #1 draft picks on the defensive side of the ball.

The real question for St. Louis was whether it would all gel together in one season. I had doubts it would. But they proved me wrong.

Look for NO to make some moves in free agency to pick up some help in the secondary and at wide receiver. The team could also use a younger pass receiving tight end. Cam Cleeland has seen his best days with all of his injury problems.

[edited.gif by bulldog on December 31, 2001.]

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The Saints may be decent next year, but they're going to have to learn to handle success. They couldn't do it this year, and the only reason they did it last year was because they snuck up on everybody. It shows, because when they get a lead they can't hold it. They barely beat the Rams in the playoffs with a huge lead.

I was looking for great things from the Saints this year, which included a deeper run into the playoffs. Haslett needs to show that he can teach his team how to handle success. They did have a lot of injuries, I'll give them that. Hand and Roaf were two major blows.

I don't see why the couldn't overcome it though. Last year they overcame Ricky Williams AND Jeff Blake going down to injury. They have the look of a team that gave up to me, the pitiful manner that they lost their last 3 games. Whoever they play this week can pencil in a W on their schedule.

[edited.gif by OrangeSkin on December 31, 2001.]

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