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Guest fuji869

I did too! cool.gif

There is a lot to be proud of! After the way we got beat in the fist 3 games we could have ended up like Carolina or Detroit. To be honest that possibility was scaring me early on.

Even though we did not make the playoffs, 0-5 to 5-5 is something to be proud of even if we lose next week and finish 7-9. cheers.gif

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isn't it funny how the football bounces?

If Marty had started out 5-0 and ended up 8-8 or 7-9 he would be gone for sure even with injuries.

But starting out 0-5 and ending up 8-8 or 7-9 makes it tough to replace him, eh?

Kind of reminds me of Norv's 1998 season when 0-7 became 6-10. Weren't there the same kind of feelings about the emergence of Trent Green, Skip Hicks, Dan Wilkinson, etc??

Have to be careful this time around. smile.gif

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The big difference here is that Marty has now learned how to coach today's players. He admits he made mistakes and he now communicates. The players have responded to his honesty. Now that Marty has learned how to be flexible, it's all going to boil down to his personnel decisions and play-calling.

I doubt Marty can co-exist with a GM but he definiely needs one. He also needs to get rid of Jimmy Raye as OC. While I love the Matt Campbell play, it was a week or two too late.

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