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Riggins: Redskins Future Limited With Marty on Board.....


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I love to listen to Riggins; he is the perfect foil to Sonny, the ultimate homer. Don't get me wrong, I love Sonny too, but the things he says in public about the Redskins are carefully monitored and diplomatically stated; Riggins, on the other hand, let's it fly!

While Marty may be of the same ilk as Coach Allen when it comes to offensive philosophy, at least he had Sonny and Billy and a few guys like Jefferson, Taylor, Smith and Brown to throw to. In my mind, Banks and the current group of so-called receivers couldn't carry any of those guys' jocks.

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and Allen had other people to thank for those players. Charley Taylor, Jerry Smith, Larry Brown, Charley Harraway and Sonny were all inherited. So was the team's best offensive lineman, center Len Hauss.

While George was quick to give Kilmer credit for getting the Redskins to the playoffs, it is the truth to say the team would not have made it to 10 wins in 1973 or 1974 if Sonny Jurgensen had not come off the bench in the fourth quarter to spark wins over the Cowboys and Giants. smile.gif

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