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Wanted Redskins Super Bowl DVDs

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Originally posted by helluvaskinsfan

go to ebay ,redskins dvd,you wont beleive the games they got

No offense helluva, but Ebay's selection and quality are suspect at best... For anyone interested, click on the link above in Die Hard's post and find the games you might like to have. Then, send a PM over to Die Hard and see if you can work out a trade or something. We are usually able to help any Skins fan get a hard-to-find game if we can, especially if its already in our library.

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Originally posted by Die Hard

As someone who has bought a few games from EBay, the quality of games is piss poor.

The *real* traders and game hobbyists aren't selling their games on EBay. It's the hobbyists that want the highest quality tapes... and that's where we got ours.

The sellers on EBay are young punks out to make a buck.... and care less about the quality of the product.

I bought our original set of Super Bowl DVDs from EBay. And we've since upgraded them significantly.

We didn't have to.

Up to you though who you want to trust.

listen to them - I have and I'm very glad I did .:D

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