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CBS: Man says he survived month lost in Amazon rainforest by eating insects, drinking urine and fighting off animal attacks


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Man says he survived month lost in Amazon rainforest by eating insects, drinking urine and fighting off animal attacks


A Bolivian who claimed to have been missing in the Amazon rainforest alone for a month on Tuesday recounted eating insects and worms, collecting water in his boots and drinking his own urine to stay alive.


If confirmed, this could make Jhonatan Acosta, 30, one of the longest-ever lone Amazon survivors.


"It helped a lot to know about survival techniques: I had to consume insects, drink my urine, eat worms. I was attacked by animals," he told Unitel TV.


Acosta was reported missing by his family at the end of January. He had been on a hunting trip with four friends in the Amazon rainforest but got separated from his party on Jan. 25.


Exactly a month later, last Saturday, he was found by search and rescue teams. Earlier this month, officials had enlisted a specially trained dog named Titan to help search for Acosta, the station reported.


Acosta told Unitel it rained half the time he was lost. He used his rubber boots to collect whatever rainwater he could.


But when the skies dried up, he said he had to drink his own urine.


Exposed to the elements at night, he said he was bitten by all sorts of different creatures.


His sister, Miladde Acosta, told Unitel TV that her brother "had to fight with a pig, which is a wild and dangerous animal" and a tiger lurked nearby.


Click on the link for the full article


Since tigers don't live in the Amazon, I assume the large cat she was referring to was a jaguar.

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Ok, I’m admittedly a skeptic on this stuff so there’s that going in BUT, January in the Amazon is the rainy season. I was with him up until the “drinking his own urine” part. I know, I know, dehydration sets in quickly blah blah blah, spare me.  Of all the places onthe planet to be able to figure out how to stay hydrated, wet season in the Amazon wouldn’t be a bad place to start.  Now I’ve never been chased around by a tiger or “tiger” and all the other fun stuff that I’m sure comes with 30 day stint in the Amazon but still, there should have been enough residual hydration throughout the fauna, and hell, ring out your shirt, to not have to resort to drinking your own piss.   


Won’t care enough to follow up but…..yeah.  Knock yourself out mi amigo, drink up

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