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The Guardian: Mississippi sees 900% rise in number of infants born with congenital syphilis

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Mississippi has registered an alarming rise in the number of infants being treated for congenital syphilis. 


According to hospital billing data shared with NBC, the number of babies who have been treated for the sexually transmitted disease has increased by more than 900% over five years. 


Ten newborns that were born in the poorest American state in 2016 received treatment for the disease. In 2021, 102 newborns were treated for the disease, including at least one who died, according to the Mississippi state health department, NBC reported.


Congenital syphilis can cause a variety of issues in infants, including disfigured bones, severe anemia, enlarged liver and spleen, jaundice, brain and nerve problems such as blindness and deafness, meningitis and skin rashes. Depending on how long a mother has had syphilis and when – or if – they received treatment, the disease can also result in miscarriages, stillbirths, prematurity and low birth weight. 


“This seems like something that should have happened a hundred years ago, not last year,” the medical director of the state health department-run Crossroads Clinic, Thomas Dobbs, told NBC. 


Medical professionals attribute the rising cases of congenital syphilis to inadequate prenatal healthcare – which includes syphilis testing – as well as an understaffed workforce that has been strained by the Covid pandemic. 


“The numbers have been skyrocketing and I think, like so many people, the public health system has been stretched,” the medical director for infectious diseases at Memphis’s Baptist Memorial Healthcare, Steve Threlkeld, told WREG News Channel 3.



Damn sad. Syphilis has been making a comeback. From our newborns to former presidents.

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There are some states in the south where I just can't believe that anyone who's not a "job creator" and especially POC still lives there anymore. Suppose you're poor and/or a POC in those states. In that case, your children's chances of getting hit by lightning are probably better than making it through to adulthood without falling victim to drugs, poverty, the everything to slavery....'er prison pipeline, violent crime, religion, or a hundred other horrid things. To make matters worse, when these folks have a really athletically gifted kid, they actually send them to colleges, if not in their own wretched state, in some other one attached to the Konfederate Konference. I know Georgia ain't great, but at least it's not Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, etc., etc. FFS people! The call is coming from inside the house!!!

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Sounds like there needs to be better education for expecting parents.  If you know the dangers and what you need to do for your baby to be ok, you are more likely to seek out the care you need and make demands.  This sort of stuff should not be happening in 2023 in the richest nation on earth.  

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