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Airspace incursions


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US Successfully Shoots Down

Kid Jumping Too High on a Trampoline




WASHINGTON—Following weeks of closer scrutiny into objects entering U.S. airspace, Pentagon officials announced Tuesday that they’d successfully shot down a kid jumping too high on a trampoline.


“The airborne object spotted about nine feet above a small midwestern town was successfully downed by an American F-22 with NORAD,” said Pentagon press secretary Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder, confirming that the kid had been jumping way too high to not pose a very real threat to civilian air traffic. “We noticed the suspicious 10-year-old repeatedly approaching the United States fly zone on an erratic launch pattern, and our people had no record of approval for him to be at that altitude. As soon as we saw him bringing in a huskier boy for a double-bouncing maneuver, we knew we had to take action." 




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Exclusive: Never-before-seen Chinese military blimp caught on satellite images of remote desert base


A large blimp developed by the Chinese military has been spotted for the first time at a remote base in the desert of northwestern China, exclusive new satellite imagery obtained by CNN shows.


Aerospace experts say the images, taken three months before a Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina, could signal a notable advancement in China’s airship program, demonstrating a more versatile and maneuverable craft than previously seen or known.


The images, taken in November 2022 by US satellite imaging company BlackSky, show a roughly 100-foot long blimp in the middle of a nearly kilometer-long runway at a desert military complex in northwestern China. CNN presented the imagery to a number of aerospace experts, who confirmed they show a blimp and runway, bookended by a pivot point used to launch airships, as well as a massive, nearly 900-foot airship hangar.




Oklahoma Aerospace Institute executive director Jamey Jacobs said a blimp like this could be used as a “submarine of the skies,” and that it appears to have dedicated propulsion and navigation capabilities, which would allow it to loiter over an area for an extended period.


“It really is the next leap for them in terms of furthering the engineering and support of research funding in that direction,” Jacobs said.


CNN reached out to several congressional and administration offices familiar with US intelligence on China who would not speak directly about the base or the blimp.


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