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Game Night Thread - Washington vs NY Giants: Round Two. Ding! Ding! Mothaf**kahs!!!

Message added by TK,


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I will be glad when this game gets going.  I didn't like the press the last two weeks, didn't like so many of them picking Washington and endless quotes and analysis positive.


Sunday night and Mike Greenberg has picked you.  Kind of like the iceberg picking the Titanic.


Ugh Frustrated GIF by Equipe de France de Football







:229:The Rook




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16 minutes ago, sebestian said:

I should be more excited, yet for some reason I am not.  I can't put my finger on it.  


As soon as this team gets a little shine, they usually proceed to crap the proverbial bed.  


Because when people here are already talking about what team they’d rather play in the Wildcard round, it usually means we’re about to get stomped in a game we should be competitive in lol. Let’s hope those days are over and we make an impression on the country on SNF. This is basically a recruiting pitch for whoever our next vet QB is gonna be this offseason. 

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Just now, Bacon said:

I'm picking the Giants because I legitimately can't remember the last time we had a record as good as 8-5-1 this early in the season. My brain can't comprehend that kind of success anymore.

This is funny because it’s week 15. Up until recently there were only 17 weeks. God we’ve sucked.

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